[REPORTED] Missing dialogue in The Prophecy

Android, Huawei Mate 10 Pro

I was completing The Prophecy in the chapter The Council of Scales, and it didn’t display any actual dialogue, only placeholders for all of the characters’ lines. Specifically, it was saying [805032_LINE_00], [805032_LINE_01] and so on.

I have no way to replicate it, as the section is now showing as complete and - unless I’m missing something - there’s no way of going back to replay dialogue sections. I’ve yet to go on to the next one, as I don’t want to risk missing more dialogue.

If nothing else, I’d quite like to know what was being said, as it seems to be pretty critical to the story.

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I have the same issue too, although I managed to not move forward. I have a couple screenshots of this problem but I’m too new on this site to upload pictures so I’ll do it later, hopefully.


I also gave an error in the error code is very bad.
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I’ve passed this on to the devs, thank you for letting us know. <3