[Fixed] Error: cannot access kingdom tab after TXX boss was defeated

All our kingdom members cannot enter kingdom tab after beat TXX kingdom boss.

When we try access that tab, various ERROR code pops and we have to restart the game.
Name of kingdom: God of Wang

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Hopefully this gets some attention. Sooner or later other kingdoms will likely have the same problem.

Hey can you please tell me any of the error codes you’re getting?

I tried several times and all ERROR codes are different.
These are error message:

The game experienced an error.
Please retry. Or use this code for reference:
1st try: RE-JKPBPT9Z
2nd try: RE-MSP6A2J7
3rd try: RE-HFD4JHHK
4th try: RE-SHHGMVNM

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Two day passed and we’re still blocked by everchanging error code. Thousands of gems and kingdom bazaar deals are disappearing every day.

Hope this will be fixed asap.

I just don’t have words to describe how bad this looks from a customer standpoint.

@Hagane , so you guys have no access to your Bazaar, Defense fights, etc. none of it?

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Right. Anything must be access from kingdom tab was unreachable atm.

Is it even being fixed?

I would say not until at least Thursday Australian time.

Since this bug lasts too long and we’re unable to maintain our bazaar/boss for almost a whole week, we have to ask for proper compensation such as set our bazaar back to TXX, some gems, and kingdom boss rewards.

I’ve replied to the tickets about the issue.

It should be fixed already, I was only able to reply to you today though sorry.

Just need confirmation from you then we will sort out compensation.

Please make sure you reply to your support ticket as we will handle compensation for all your affected Kingdom members through the existing tickets - no need for others to write new ones in.

I am still experiencing the issue.

As I have not submitted a ticket and has not received your reply, is it necessary for me to reinstall the game in order access the Kingdom tab? Or is there anything I should do?

Ah bugger.

I’ve let the dev working on it know.

You don’t need to do anything for now, if that changes I’ll let you know.

I’m sorry this is still ongoing.

Confirmed we can access kingdom tab now. Kingdom boss stay at TXX and bazaar dropped to TXV.

We will try beat TXX once again to confirm bug was completely fixed or not.


Please let me know how you go.

We’ll be organising compensation to go out to all your Kingdom members tomorrow.


Kingdom is accessible after boss was down.

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Sorry, I’ll need to send the compensation out tomorrow as I’ve run out of time today. I will prioritise it when I start work tomorrow!

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So, this is actually the largest compensation we’ve done with items with random elements that isn’t global compensation. Unfortunately that means that we’ve found an issue in our support tool with some of the new features we implemented regarding randomness.

I’m hoping this will be fixed early next week so that’s when we’ll send the compensation as I feel like it’s better to get the truly random rewards rather than me sending all 30 members the same items, which might benefit some members and be not great for others depending on their progression.

We’ll be sending 6 days worth of Kingdom Defense Tier XX rewards + appropriate awarding of Gold/Silver rewards.

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Hey everyone,

Just jumping in here as I am currently testing this mail to make sure it will go out without causing any issues, but wanted to give an update in the meantime as it has been a couple of days (incl. a weekend).

Apologies for the delay on getting these rewards out.


Hi @Jeto and @Kafka
Today we faced the problem that we cannot collect dragon defense rewards from a tier XI dragon in our kingdom Einjarher. I openened a separate bug repirt for this.
Maybe your solution caused another problem?