[Fixed] PVP Tourney Error

I can’t access any of the current PVP Tourneys. Every time I try to click on any Tourney I get an error message. The error codes change every time I click on any Tourney. Even with the error message I was allowed to purchase access to each Tourney but I can’t get past the Versus page in the game. Here are some of the codes I have received along with the message I always receive:

When I click on the Elite Tourney, the error message reads:
The game experienced an error.
Please retry, or use this code for reference: RE-S7SZF7TC

With the Restricted Tourney the message is the same but the error code is: RE-Z4LYRFK3

With the Open Tourney, the error code is: RE-DY2T25TH

Same thing for me. Error code always different but always with the RE prefix.

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Yup same issue here too.

The team is investigating! Currently no need for other RE errors.

Fix was pushed out for this one! Please let me know if you are still experiencing this error.

It seems to be fixed on iOS

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