[Fixed] Royal Boots don't give correct bonus

I have mythic Royal Boots, which are supposed to give a 10 percent speed bonus when matching big gems. However, it looks like it only gives a boost of 10 straight points (NOT 10%) regardless of what your speed is.

Base speed is 307. I should get a speed boost of 30 points, but I only get 10 points.

Base speed is 163. I should get a speed boost of 16 points, but I only get 10 points… which is the same as Build #1.

I just fixed the bug!

Uhhhh… yes, indeed… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Except that erasing that “%” is actually a pretty big difference in benefits!

I just don’t like this trend of:

  1. Game says, “Here’s an item that does XYZ.”
  2. I say, “Cool, I’ll spend time, in-game resources, and/or real-world money on upgrading this.”
  3. Much later I find out, “Oh, actually, there’s a bug here, because the game says I’ll get XYZ, but what I’m actually getting is ABC.”
  4. Developers say, “Oh actually that was a typo the whole time. We’re going to nerf your item now.”

For example, what happened with the Serpentine Flame Ring and Jeweled Gold Grasp.

I 100% agree. I think they should allow a full refund of upgrade materials when they make changes to items. I think they did/do this in Gems of War, if I recall correctly.

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Team is working on a fix to get it back to the intended % bonus!


Looks like it’s fixed! Thank you! :blush: @Jeto

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