[FIXED] Social tab does not load, freezes game

Hi all, the latest update is out. Please try installing it and let us know if this helps.

Just updated and still does not load.

Galaxy 10+ device

Social tab still broken after patch on android either using social tab or via kingdom chat tab.

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Social Tab still isn’t working after android update.

I updated it both on my android device and on a blue stacks emulator and neither can get social tab to work.

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@Cyrup confirmed still broken on s10+

How did this not get patched? This is a huge problem.

Installed the update last night, social tab still freezes the game on Galaxy S10e.

After installing the update, I ran the game about 8 minutes doing various things, but not any battles. Then, after trying to enter a skirmish, the game crashed. Following this crash, I could not get back into the game. It would go through resource loading screen twice, then I would see a note of my system user name being activated and the loading process would freeze at a black screen. I tried three times, all with same result and gave up.

This morning, everything seems to work, except the social tab. After first freeze of the game following click on social tab, I did a hard shut down and rebooted the game. When the game loaded the game linked up with Google Play for this first time ever! Also, just tested out a PVP match and noticed additional details in the artwork for the weapons used by both characters.

@Cyrup also we cannot add anyone new to our kingdom in almost epic. They receive a kingdom full message when getting one of our invites but the kingdom is not full

Social’s working for us now! \o/

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Hi everyone,

Can you please check the Social tab now and let me know if it’s working now and which Kingdom you are part of?

We found a handful of affected Kingdoms and we are looking into sending compensation to the members of these Kingdoms in the coming days.

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Everyone in Dragon’s Peak seems to be working again.


@Kafka Almost Epic is working again and I have full access back to the social tab


Social tab is working, I am part of Dragon’s Peak.

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@Kafka I have a new issue on social. The kingdom crests I have been able to earn is 250 even though I have turned in more than that.

This seems to be new as I believe I have had more than that before.

Edit: I restarted the game and my crests jumped over 50 so looks to be working again

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Thank you Kafka! Everyone in our Kingdom Knights Radiant seems to have full access again. Folks were locked out since reset.

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Thanks for confirming the fix!

At this stage I plan to send out compensation for the issue tomorrow.
This may end up delayed until Tuesday if I have important things pop up but I’ll do my best.

Hello Kafka, following up on this. I haven’t yet seen any compensation for our Kingdom Knights Radiant. Did you send it out yet?



Don’t believe they have. Dragon’s Peak still didn’t received anything yet either.

@Tacet @Salokin Almost Epic has not received anything as well