[FIXED] Social tab does not load, freezes game

Compensation has been sent to the kingdoms affected by this issue. Please check your mail and let us know how it goes if you experienced this issue at the time.

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Cyrup beat me! I was just about to say that the team were taking care of it now.

Not sure if it takes time for it to hit servers, but 18 minutes later and still nothing in mail.

Hello @Cyrup and @Salty thanks for the follow up.

I just checked my mailbox and notifications, but have received nothing yet. 7:18 am PST here.

Just a heads up, still nothing in mail after 24 hours.

Apologies, we’re experiencing some issues sending this. I’ll have an update within 24 hours.

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Please check your mail if you were affected by this issue for some compensation!

@Cyrup I can confirm myself and Almost Epic received the compensation. Thank you and the team for working on this with us

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Thanks for your patience!