[More info needed] Game stuck at rewards screen

Platform, device and operation system
android galaxy j7

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened Expecting game not to freeze. Game froze
If you are on a console device please feel free to take a photo using another device. Where possible, a video helps us best. Try uploading it to Youtube privately.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening? every time I try and load game. Started this morning after I finished my first daily seige. Game stuck at rewards screen so I restarted the game and on restart, goes directly to victory screen and then to a white screen and hangs on the white screen.
Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances?

Steps to make it happen again load game
Please detail the steps taken to trigger this bug. The more detailed the breakdown, the easier it is for us to test in-house. see above.

Update: after waiting about 30 minutes, game loaded up normally.

Not sure this is the solution. The game got stuck. By marking this as solved, you ignore the root of the problem thus implying that it will happen again and when it does nbd just wait 30 minutes and try again.

This is an issue for someone like me who doesnt always just have 30 minutes to wait whenever the game decides to bug out. My game time is limited and not usually transferable so this could be the difference between my ability to do my dailies for the day or not.

Happened again today.

Sorry for the delayed reply, has this still been happening for you since you wrote here last?
Which version of Android are you using?

Does this only happen in the Sieges?