[Ticket Submitted] Stuck At The Game Loading Screen

Hi, Jeto.

For the past three days, I have problems logging into the game, at certain times of the day.
In the morning (between 8.00am to 12.00pm, I have no problem logging in and playing the game. But, between12.00pm to 8.00pm, I am stuck at the game loading screen.
After 8.00pm, some day, I can enter the game. Other days, the problem still occurred.
I did the following things - clearing caches/data, deleting the game, then reinstall the game - more than 6 times.
But, I still have the same problem - stuck at the game loading screen.
Some times, I also get this message - unable to connect to server.
I don’t think my Internet is the problem. When I tried to play other games, there are no problems.
My name code is JORDAN_BDAA.
Thank you.
PS - this is my first time posting, so I don’t know how to insert the image of my stuck game loading screen.

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Update - today, between 8.00am (after daily reset) to 10.25am, I have no problem logging into the game, and start playing (just like yesterday).
But, while I was still playing, the game freezed. I have to shut down the game.
Now, I can’t log in, the game is stuck at the loading screen.
Yesterday, it also happened, after 1.30pm, and throughout the entire day.

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If you do have any images, can you submit them via a support ticket:

Also be sure to include what device you are playing on.

And I will respond to you there

Good morning, Jeto.
I have submitted the ticket request just now.
Also, right now, I have no problem logging in and playing the game. Usually, the problem would be occurring after 10.00am, and throughout the day.
Thank you.

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I’m also still having connection issues and I have submitted a ticket as you requested. I look forward to being able to play the game “at will” sometime in the near future.

Hi, Prisca.

If you are reading this post, I hope that you wouldn’t mind if I ask you a question?

It seems that we have the same problem.

My problem haven’t been resolved yet.

What about your problem?

No, Belgarath, I’m sorry to say I’m still having the problem. Additionally, I’m getting booted out of the game pretty regularly now so then I have to try to login yet again.

Due to the lengthy process of logging on, I can no longer just pop in to gather resources or play when I have a few extra minutes or head over to global chat to join the fun there. I can’t play co-op because it crashes constantly and that would cause me to have to try to login again.

So basically, I’m stuck with marathon sessions trying to get everything done as quickly as possible in case it quits working. That makes my favorite game not so much fun.

Hi, Prisca.

I am sorry to hear that your problem haven’t been resolved yet.

I know what you mean. I like PQ3. Before my problem start to occur (about one week ago), usually I would played the game, minimum 6 hours per day, up to 10-12 hours per day, (especially during the weekend).

Now my playing hours have been reduced to 8.00am to 10.00am. After 10.00am, if I still playing the game, it would freeze, and I have to force quit the game. Then, I am unable to log in to the game for the rest of the day.

Also, I found out recently, that I can play the game during 5.30am to 8.00am. The problem is that I should be sleeping during this time.

I really hope that Jeto can find a solution to our problems. I know that there are other mobile games, but PQ3 is still my favourite Match 3 Game.

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This is not just my favorite game, it’s the ONLY game I play. So, I really miss it when I can’t logon.

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