It’s time to set aside all these other irrelevant conversations and discuss something far more important with the women’s world cup coming up.

How do we field a team of eleven from our followers to make the best football team in the land?

Eveline: she’s seen things, tricksy, has so many secret talents. I’m thinking striker.

Toragon: grumpy, get off my lawn vibe, fiercely protective. Left defense.

Northelm: wants to show everyone that he can do it, but he’s asked to hold everything instead… backup goalie.

Brie: will serve up the most delicious crosses… or spider souffle. Attacking midfielder.

Adhakus: he rocks! And by that I mean he makes the stuff most followers need: bad jokes. Center midfielder.

Auri: becomes good at everything, eventually. Holding midfielder… but goalie in dragon form. Duh.

Gong: there truly is only one good position to utilize his natural talents. Announcer.

Gemka: likes making trinkets, but also flashy goals. Center forward.

Xione: you don’t want to cross her. Center defender.

Soulchaser: whenever you want a weapon you get a shield. Whenever you want a shield you get…you never want a shield. Winger.

Mutiny: avarice and always looking at/for that booty. Goalkeeper.

Jocea: the arena will always be packed, she’s the fan favorite because that’s where the minions are. Winger.

Elyra: the team will have the best stuff gold can buy…a glyph every week. Team owner.

Darkhunter: precision shot maker. But also tired. Backup striker.

Resh: he’s so dependable*! Right defense.

So there you go. All the good and useful followers and their positions. What do you think?


Haha, this is EXCELLENT!