Food Deal & Kingdoms - 0.36 Update edition

This update further puts a knife into the back of full active Kingdoms. Food Income is cut in half, which means that each Day a player with at least a level 35 Brie (not hard to obtain) still earns ~2,100 food/day with nothing else to spend it on if they have maxed followers. That means 8 players can fully buy out the Food Deal VII every day (less actually because of food earned from daily play/chests). With the cut in Ore it’s now harder to ensure that the Ore Deal can be maintained as people start to question what to use their smaller Ore allowance on. The increased time and continued hurdles to do all levels of PVP cuts into total Honor earned and leaves the Honor Deal at inefficient levels (Honor Deals I-IV are worse value than just buying keys in the shop). Given that chests are even harder to acquire now that it takes significantly more time per match, Marks are at a premium and keys are less valuable.

Essentially if you are in a kingdom of more than 10 active players, you are getting harmed because the Food Deal has basically turned into the only real value. Would it be too much to ask to update the Food Deal to at least be double?


I would love to be able to trade food for ore as I am starving for ore

I still want to see some of the crafters use food to craft instead of ore. For some like Stable Master it doesn’t even make any sense why ore would be needed to create a pet, as food makes a lot more sense.

Could help out a lot too with sushi day having just occurred to the Octoghouls. XD


While this update slashed food production in half it didn’t address the issue of there being nothing else for players to spend/use it. Increasing the level of followers is finite, then there is the bazaar and that’s it.

As for ore - I don’t think anyone was complaining they had too much of that in .35, and now with that also cut in half I struggle to keep useful crafters busy, let alone excess for the bazaar. That does have multiple followers that can continuously make use of ore, unlike food.


There needs to be a rebalance in terms of economy.

I wish there was a trader npc or a much bigger shop economy to help with the drop rate imbalances. I’m swimming in food, gold, higher tier shards, scrolls and runes. I need relics, glyphs, and lower tier shards. The abysmal salvage rate needs to be increased 100 fold. I don’t think that will break the economy. Converting unneeded resources into needed ones would make opening new chests less dissappointing.

Different dungeon marks are unnecessary. Just make one dungeon mark with different costs for chests or at least allow the conversion of shards to be less cumbersome. Allowing all marks to be converted at one time would be a much needed quality of life improvement.

Allowing players to directly buy the one item they want with marks instead of relying on the random chance would help make the game feel less of a grind.

A diablo 2 type of gambling for item pieces maybe a nice gold sink. Better food sinks are needed as well.

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