Game Balance is off

Over the time I have been playing I have noticed a very out of balance within the game that starts about level 30 where the levels drop the same amount but the amount needed to level at that point are skyrocketing past for instance to achieve 1 level in spell book you have to have 1000+ shards but on chapter 15 you are still getting less than 100 in that shard but to fight on that chapter your player is already a level 50 or another spot that is way out of balance you almost never get any runes higher then rare even from chests and as far as crystals go once a follower pasts level 15 there is no way to level them because there is almost no way to get the needed crystals except by playing each type and even then you might still not get enough to level fully up

I say all this just so you know about this balance issue I see that takes away from the joy of the game and as far as I can tell even with paying out of pocket to play I don’t see any way these issues are corrected

The game is constantly in flux. They work to fix one thing, and it throws something else out of balance. In general, the game is improving. It does often feel like they punch you in the gut so you forget about your toothache. Then when you recover, the tooth has been fixed and you wonder if there could have been a less painful way.

Take a look at some of the Ancient Players that have been here from the start and have written longer posts than they needed for their doctoral dissertations.


I understand that but all I was pointing out was that the levels are growing faster then the needed items to keep up with the leveling and there is no way to even buy what you need to make up the difference for instance I have a level 50 with a spell book of 30 with no way to get the needed stuff to level it

The way around this problem is to start a brand new hero of a different class and start the story again. This way you get all the bonuses from a first time playthrough of the story, you can use your current gear so is the battle should be easy. Then as you get more resources from playing the story again you can level up your original hero and go further. This also helps you get a whole heap more of a follower crystals. Long time players have completed the story with every different hero class.

that would work for the low level followers because of alot of side quests but what about the high level followers that only have 1 quest

Each follower Crystal can also be found in a specific dungeon. Although the drop rates are low you will over time get everybody to 50. You also do get a number of random crystals along the way as different rewards in different parts of the game and lastly follower crystals do appear in the store for 300 gems each. It takes a while but you do get there.

thanks for all the help yesterday it ended up I was not looking at the game as a whole it’s amazing they made it work like this it’s very complex but very balanced in ways I never expected