Game changes I would like to see

I played puzzle quest 1 and 2, they were fun, recently I have been playing a browser based game and I would love to see this game copy it more, the match 3 + RPG games are quite fun, the being able to make 3 matches on your turn and the gems power up is cool, the difference with the other game is you have 5 heroes that fight for you, you choose the heroes from a large pool, they can be made better with equipment, if you match their color they do more damage that turn and power up their special move, the better ones also have passive traits such as red gems drop more often or all red gems are automatically upgraded 1 level, puzzle quest 3 looks fun including some of these elements but the added layer of strategy in choosing your team of 5 heroes and equipping them just adds so much to the game, I would love if this puzzle quest game was able to incorporate those types of elements but it is pretty far in development already, with all that being said the game will most likely put many people off, it is called dirtyleague, the main draw for many people is the “heroes” are all women that when you level them up they take their clothes off, I do not play it for that, the game is actually my favorite match 3 game that I have ever played for all of the other reasons