Gear Refund Tavern Mechanic - Northeim's Regret

So many people have said to me (and I have felt this way)
“I regret taking XXXX to mythic… wish I had a way to get that stuff back”

Proposal 1 “Northeim’s Regret”
Added to Northeim’s screen @ level 50

  1. 60,000 gold - 0 gems (First time)
    Refund all ascension materials for all equipped gear (shards, glyphs, runes and relics but not gold spent)

  2. 60,000 gold & 1500 gems — or 750 crowns (each time thereafter)

Proposal 2 “Toragon/Gemka/SoulChaser/Jocea’s Exchange”
Added at the end of each follower’s options (at level 50)

60,000 gold & 250 gems to refund 1 item

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I have a few items that I wish I hadn’t taken to Legendary, because something more desirable came along :frowning:

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Exactly. It’s a measure of being a new player vs an experienced player.
We’ve earned the glyphs, etc… we should be able to (for a price) retrieve them.

The mechanic of the game requires you to have rare items cobbled together in whatever form, with a couple Epic to finish level 15.

But beyond that… it’s all choice and the game offers precious little insight. Players do not always agree, and it ends up being trial and error.

So… @Developers — reward the trial and error process, please. Allow us to redo and tinker… you’ll not only increase income, you will VASTLY increase player satisfaction.