QoL Suggestion - Refund Glyphs with Character Delete

Multiple classes is one of the best parts of this game, but changes made this year with Book and Scrolls has made having multiple characters or switching character classes very difficult and expensive.

There are plenty of reasons to try a new character:

  • Current class does not fit your playstyle
  • Current class does not fit your preferred format (PvP, KD, etc.)
  • You may want to switch gender

Perhaps with some lessons learned from the Refining process there is a path to making this possible.

Introduce a mechanic where we can delete a character and receive a refund on the Glyphs spent to level their scrolls and book.

Let’s say I have a level 50 Mercenary with level 50 Books and Scroll, but I really want to play a Berserker instead. I would be able to create a new Berserker character, level is to 50, and delete my Merc. With the “recovered” glyphs I could then level up my new Berserker’s Book and Scrolls.

There would still be a cost involved:

  • Gold to level the Book and Scrolls
  • Shards to level the Book and Scrolls
  • Time to level a new character

This would also not change the cost for players that are “completionists” and want to have all classes at 50 with max Book and Scrolls, but it will provide enjoyment and flexibility during the journey to that goal.


Passed it onto the team this morning!


That would be a dream come through!

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