Reset spell book

So i enjoyed playing as a merc and invested all my spell glyths on my merc, ive now took a liking to playing with a sharman. I feel I have to carry on playing with my Merc As he has a full spell book where as my Sharman is only level 35 spellbook. Is there no way to reset your spellbout level like we do with citadel? Il happily use gems to do this,


I really like the idea, which could be transferred to the battle scrolls as well. In other games, you have a certain cost (for example: 1000 gems) and a timer (for example: 3 days), to prevent misuse but to still encourage testing other classes.

This would address my main pain point: being unable to try out classes, get a feeling for its strength and weaknesses, then deciding where to invest the next 6+ month of grinding (gear, spells, etc.).