Hackers Already or Extremely Overpowered Gear Perk?

While doing pvp today, I noticed a weird abnormality on the pvp leaderboard.

In the current state of the game, 2,475 points is the most that can ever be earned as a result of a battle. This is because simply touching the board lowers the player’s points by 25.

To have a score above 2,475 in the current state of the game, a player would have to have full mana as soon as the battle starts. That means there are either gear combinations so broken that it is possible to start with full mana without having ever touched the board, or the person hacked their game to automatically have full mana.

If this is a hacker and not just some overly overpowered gear, 29 people are losing 250 gems this week to a hacker.

If this isn’t a hacker, the gear that can cause this is among some of the most broken in the game since it essentially guarantees 500 gems every week off of the standard pvp mode.

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Just going to throw a crazy random scenario, but does V gem helm that spawns during battle+ no matches available also count as touching the board? Extremely rare case I’ve just state above…

I’ve notice while skull spamming, that the game will just auto proceed with my moves, even though i still have some skull to spawn.

I personally have not found any other gear aside a helm piece which gives me starting mana of 6 to let me start off with more mana. Even assuming he has 50% mana start, he still needs 19 more somewhere!

There could be any number of weird gear interactions that could cause it, however, their amount of points moved up 6 perfect wins in one day. That means whatever method was used, legit or otherwise, was 100% consistent at getting a 0 turn win 6 times in a row. 6 wins is 25 increase each for total of 150, which is the exact difference in a single day.

I just got 2 fights in at 2500. Starting mana gear + low mana cost spell.

May we know what’s the starting mana gear bonus looks like?
From what I know the cheapest damage spell in game should be 50 mana.
Just wondering how the starting mana gears can generate 50 mana before touching the board.

Mines was Bone Ring, that at Rare gets 5 starting per skull on board at start. So, I got lucky with some 10 skulls. Saw a helm that had 9(?) starting based on different color spells equipped.

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I really want to know who set up the initial balance for equipment. XD

Not to mention rings have 2 slots.

Double rare bone ring is 10-120 starting mana on turn 0. Only 5 skulls would be needed for full mana with double rare bone ring, or around 10 if every spell in the game is nerfed to 100+ mana cost.

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That guy at the top is me. Didn’t even know I was at the top. Nothing that I tried to accomplish.

But yes, I’m having full mana at first turn. (When the starting board treats me decent)

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