How to improve Bazaar

I really like the system of Bazaar rewards as a mini-game for alliances, but I feel that the end rewards on it are kind of poor choices, especially the last one. The problem with it being a follower crystal is most players get their followers to level 50 fairly quickly and now they no longer have an incentive to try and finish the Bazaar goals. Instead I think it would be better to have a Spell Glyph as the last reward. Could even be random, but I think Spell glyph is the best choice for longevity, since there are so many spells to upgrade in this game and its so expensive to buy a Spell Glyph normally. You’re always going to have a need for them no matter how much you play.

Would be nice too to replace the last 200 gem reward with a Minion glyph. Again maybe not the glyph most people want, but really useful and always needed since players have so many minions. Not as important as the last reward being changed, but I think it would help motivate alliances to work hard and even buy more deals (so more money for the devs as well) to have these rewards at the finish line of Bazaar rewards.



Totally agree, there just isnt that “need” to push to the end, it just isnt worth all the buys simply for a random crystal, even a random glyph would get more players buying things they dont even need just to get to then end.

Dont think the devs thought this one through, if there were a decent reward at the end such as a glyph, i personally would spend more resources including gems for buys, therefor at some point or another, i would have to buy more merchant deals to replenish said resource spent, win/win for player and devs lol.

Hopefully they look at this and can make a plan for us.


Once you get the 2 ledgendary relics at tier 20 the rest is kind of pointless, especially reward tier 21 and 25 (2000 gold) also tier 22 and 26 are nothing special (480 shards)


Hi @Taf420 , yeah they really could have scaled the rewards better, i mean theres a great 400 gems not all that far in and then further up the tiers is a 200 again like why? Scale the rewards higher every tier rather, makes no sense.

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Some ancient coins would be awesome to have on there, Tickets (especially dungeon) wouldn’t be bad either.