Interacting with chest locks game

MotoG Power Android V 11

Level 14 gold chest in tavern should be able to be clicked on to select way to open. When selecting the chest the entire game locks, with animation still visible but no further UI interaction possible. All other chests in slots were able to be interacted with
Repeating problem with closure of app and device restart not fixing issue

Unsure as to how to recreate, happened when all four chest slots available were filled, and minions sent on missions to open them. This one level 14 gold chest seems to have never registered that a minion was sent and is now stuck between states.

I don’t think this is specific to your level 14 chest or having all chest slots filled, although I’m glad you shared your issue and the circumstances related to it. The game is still riddled with random freezes. I’ve had at least 4 since yesterday. It usually happens when I’m interacting with something – salvaging an item from chest loot; collecting resources/gear from followers; hitting continue before the animation has completed on a screen; etc.

If the issue doesn’t resolve itself after a single restart, you’re probably going to have to wait the 30 minutes for a forced “inactivity” restart (Personal Gripe Alert: That happened to me twice since yesterday and one of them was 20 minutes before daily reset while doing a daily siege, so I wasn’t able to collect rewards for daily siege or purchase the food deal during the 15 seconds [no exaggeration] it’s available after reset).

Yeah, don’t think it is going to be a simple reset, I have closed the app manually, and it has time out closed numerous times. Something else has it bugged.

Hello there!

I’m just wondering if you are still experiencing this issue since update 0.38 has been released?

If you are please contact our Support Team here and they can look into this further.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective: