Interface issue in monitor portrait mode

Hi PQ3 Devs,

Recently I changed the display of my monitor from landscape to portrait mode.
While I can adjust the display windows of PZQ3 to maintain landscape resolution in windows mode (about 1440x780) the games seems to expect me to be in portrait resolution, locking out a good portion of the right side of the game ~40%.
This means while I can see the full game display, any click made on icons on remaining 40% of the right side can not be registered. Any button that lies beyond remaining 40% right side would not be highlighted when mouse cursor moves onto the button.

Hey @Zzhu321

Does this also occur once you have set a resolution and then change the size of your screen manually, by clicking the corner and reducing the size?

And does this happen on all resolutions?

Hi Jeto,

Yes this done by adjusting resolution manually through the corner. The default setting is portrait resolution. It does not give landscape resolution option in selection table when the monitor is set to portrait mode.

This happens to any resolution that is adjusted to landscape, the wider the adjustment, the less the space I can access on the right side. For example with 1280x720 resolution I may have 40 percent of right screen inaccessible, for 1280x800 I may have 35 percent of the right screen inaccessible.