[INVESTIGATING] Bug: Missing Asset in Daily Deal Shop

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Samsung Galaxy Note Ultra 20, Android 9

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Error message received when opening the Shop screen after the daily reset message.

Steps to make it happen again
Please detail the steps taken to trigger this bug. The more detailed the breakdown, the easier it is for us to test in-house.

Scrolling down, after closing the error message, appears to reveal the culprit.

Looks like the icon for the “Random Epic Rune” Daily Deal offer is missing from the game files.

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I had the same one with rune yesterday where I spent around 3,000 gold for nothing in return.

I also got a magic key today that gets stuck in an infinite loading screen and won’t let the player buy it.

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I’ve reported the exact same problem as your second issue here:

Having the first problem reported, even after I reboot the game everytime I enter the shop and scroll down the error message popps up. Started after I bought the daily reset also, and every item I bought from the new offer also did make the error appears.

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Thanks team, I have passed on these instances on. If you experience more please let me know, and the screen captures really help. Thank you!

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Had this bug happen to me today (Nokia 8 Android 9). Same daily deal for a Random Epic Rune as the OP causing the missing asset bug. In the screenshot below you can see the missing image just below the error message.

It’s not game-breaking, but please add the Random Epic Rune image anyway. :slight_smile:

This one’s odd because I got a Diamond Key deal and it cost me 7,200 Gold.

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I’ve had both errors above over the last couple of days.

Had the daily deal IV for a gold key not work twice. Once just now and once 2 days ago.

The missing sprite also twice, both for the ‘random epic rune’ task.

For some reason I cannot upload pictures but they are the same as above.

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Had this error with the Epic runes today as well.

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Error with missing asset is with all random rune\scroll offers

Also noticed that as daily deals show offers for keys at half their normal prices that can’t be bought. When u try u get stuck at buying option greyed out and need to restart game

I’ve been experiencing a similar but slightly different error for about a week now, off and on. I’m on an Android 11 device (Pixel 4a 5g) and for me it happens if I click anywhere in the shop section and not just in the daily deals section. It also happens if I click anywhere to scroll and not just when I click to select something to purchase. The error I receive is:

Failed to load asset System.Exception: Sprite failed to load for location
Exception: %2

I’m still encountering this issue and it happens almost every day now for me. At least one item in the shop each day will have a missing asset.

This will likely be fixed in this week’s incoming balance update.

Okay, gotta know, is this fixed overall? Encountered it again at all?

No more missing assets after patch.

Yaaaay! Glad to hear it.

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