[Investigating] Season 2.2 frequent crashes

Getting errors when attempting Season 2.2 Dungeons and season 2.2 adventures. Currently stuck on hard mode chapter 2, stage 1. Getting error


Platform - iOS, iPhone 14 pro max

Trying to play through season 2.2 either dungeons or adventure and getting error: RE-A986HAJ3. I’ve tried rebooting phone, updating the app and iOS is at current version.

It’s been happening off an on all season but I’m now stuck on hard mode chap 2, stage 1 and can’t proceed.

This happens regardless or playing or setting it to auto. And almost always happens within the first turn

Can you please tell me your invite code? You can find it in the bottom of the in game settings menu.

My apologies for the incredible late reply. I didn’t notice your message


@Oza can you share the next RE error you experience too, please?