[Tech Issue] Issue - Dungeon - Errors!

Is there anyone having the same issues?

Was on a repeat of the Archive Dungeon - Difficulty both III & Easy.
Errors out (SS1) after winning first wave. Freezes with my character in the middle of the screen (SS2)

Got this twice, then could not load the game at all even after resetting my phone.

Hey @peachykeen sorry you had this issue!
It looks like there was a connection issue when the game tried to download some of the assets you needed.

A reinstall to ensure you have all the game files downloaded correctly should solve this issue and prevent any others that might pop up if you have other missing assets because of this.

Let me know how you go.

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I ended up playing another game for a little while. The problem resolved itself ā€” sorry i didnt update

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Great, Iā€™m glad it sorted itself out!

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