[NEED MORE INFO AND ACCOUNTS] A couple different issues

Android Samsung s5e tablet

I have had some issues with the dragon dungeon I’ve spent a few gems trying to win but the battle would freeze at the last dragon
Been working on it about a week now but it acts like it wants to download some data and never does and freezes

Someone suggested to uninstall and reinstall which I did and this time chose to download all content instead of as needed (per the suggestion above) now everytime I try to log into the game it just downloads over 200MB constantly it’s logged in a couple times but the dungeon isn’t fixed and again everytime I try to reload the game it downloads the 200MB so I’m stuck and can’t play the game cuz it’s always downloading lol

Thanks for reporting this issue.

Has anyone else had a problem with the game downloading 200 mb each time? Reports from more players will help us with this greatly. Once we know more I will pass this on. Thank you.