Is this how you intend PVP to be?

This is more pointed to restricted and elite tournaments but I find it sometimes in the open too…

Step 1: Grind your way to a few wins to get a streak going

Step 2: Contemplate life choices as a “Conan” (no spells and armor but carrying a big legendary weapon) pops up in your queue and kills you in 2 turns.

Step 3: Back to Step 1 and repeat

Is this the intended gameplay loop for PVP that developers want? It’s tedious and not fun to be at the mercy of people who won the chest lottery and the loss of Honor with the all the knock-on effects that comes with.

If we could upgrade our weapons to legendary in any reasonable time frame at all this wouldn’t be as much of an issue but it seems you guys want us to suffer doing that too…

Upon further reflection, if you could give us some way to skip these players that arrive in our PVP queue, this could be avoided completely


This probably wouldn’t help unless it was unlimited free skips, because (for me at least) it is not unusual to draw the same enemy 2-4 times in a row. :roll_eyes:

But unlimited free skips would lead to skipping until you get an easy win, also bad.

I think the easiest way to alleviate the problem is to do away with the streak bonus. You would still lose to the outliers, but not have your progress reset. You would still get less honor (losing a trickle from those lost battles.) But losing has to be a thing and the thing should cost something, so I am ok with that.

Honestly, I expect further balancing in regards to weapon and spell damage, so I don’t expect a change in pvp until they have those balances finished or close to finished.

So this is definitely a problem for even the highest tier players consistently.

What you can do is retreat when you see that cool looking weapon equipped.

In the top left you can get more enemy information and then retreat from battle there.

Retreats burn a pvp token, but are not counted as a loss and do not impact your current streak


I think the easiest way to alleviate the problem is to do away with the streak bonus.

I entirely agree with Tresk’s suggestion. Having a good score should be based on how well you do on average over 10 matches - not how lucky you got in a row.
Seems a much healthier scoring system, in my opinion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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:woman_facepalming: I did not know this! haha Thanks!

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