Kingdom Bazaar Progression

Hello everyone,
We discovered an issue earlier today where Kingdom Bazaar rewards were linked to daily purchase count (resets daily), instead of reward purchases (reset once received). This means that less active Kingdoms would have taken extra time to progress and collect their rewards and will also be missing some.
Kingdoms that are very active and often hit their targets daily may not have noticed any difference or had missing rewards.
Along with this, some players’ accounts were being flagged as not receiving Kingdom rewards when they had.

We are pushing a fix for this issue out currently! Once this is resolved we will then send out the missing rewards.


I was just coming here to post about this! Thanks @Jeto


Just checking in on this issue, it doesn’t appear to be resolved. The “Next reward unlocks at Bazaar Refresh” is locked at 50/50 on Tier IX even though we have completed through Tier X and the next eligible Purchase Rewards Tier should be Tier XI.

Perhaps this is to indicate that a goal was missed yesterday? It’s just very unclear what we are supposed to do. Do we need to hit 50 today to be able to do Tier XI tomorrow? From what I recall in the Update 1.5.5 Notes, there was nothing about dropping Purchase Tiers if a goal was missed. Only Bazaar Tier (quality) is supposed to drop right?

This is not very clear from the graphic or the patch notes.

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Now things seem to have worked themselves out even though the bazaar tier was missed the prior day (Thanks to nearly every deal denominated in gems).