Lucky Ring or not so lucky

Just finished the first requirement—150 monsters. ran dungeons and adventures for two days. now I have to rinse and repeat? the rewards doesn’t match the requirements. Most of us players do have a life besides playing Puzzle Quest.



The lvl 50 build was what my time calculations were based upon. :+1:t2: You don’t necessarily need to be level 50 to make the kills.

Of course it’s an unreasonable amount of kills in a given time period, but it’s still doable. Is it fair? Ermmm nope.

I did say it was sadistic!


Lol. Just lol again.
Again done in the most proffesional way it can be done … as always.


I did a test run to see how long it would take to kill X number of enemies. Here’s my setup:

  • Level 50 mercenary with 2500+ gear score
  • Season 1.2 dungeon battle
  • Easy mode (lowest level)
  • Autoplay

It took exactly 4 minutes to finish three dungeon battles (9 enemies) . That’s an average of about 26s per enemy… or approximately half a minute per enemy.

With this setup, it will take at least 225 minutes to get the 1st and 2nd tier St. Patrick’s Day prizes. That’s almost 4 hours of mindless autoplay, assuming I’m constantly paying attention to advancing the menus.

Is it seriously another 1000 enemies (on top of the 1st 450 enemies) to get the 3rd tier prize?

EDIT #1: If I turn off autoplay and speed run through the above setup, I was able to complete 3 Dungeons (9 enemies total) in 3 minutes, making an average of 1 enemy every 20 seconds, or 3 enemies per minute. At this speed, it would take 2.5 hours of nonstop speed running to get the 1st and 2nd tier prizes.

EDIT #2: Wow… Based on this post, it sounds like it takes another 1000 enemies to get the 3rd tier prize. In other words, from start to finish, we have to beat 1450 enemies to get the Lucky Clover Ring. With the above time-per-enemy rates, it will take between 8 and 12 hours of nonstop play to get the Lucky Clover Ring.


Still insane. Tomorrow we will get some word on how this will be addressed, so I see no sense on burning myself out. I am just playing and enjoying the game like I usually do without worrying about the counter (which hasn’t even reached the second goal of 300 yet).


You did not get Devs attitude, Higure.
They want us to burn out … they are absolute Worldmasters in bunouting ppl.
Guess not only players.
As said, done in the most professional way it can be done again.

Kudos, Dev, Kudos.
No other Dev ever did manage to burn and destroy a real good community faster then you did.


They may make too many mistakes, true, we may be a bit tired of things like this happening, true. But to say that their goal is hurting us seems a bit too bold. I still haven’t lost my trust in them and I am sure that tomorrow something will be done about this issue.


You mean they dont do it by purpose?
I did believe in that the first and the second time, still the third and fourth … even after the 20st time I thaught … no, cant be …
But after the 30th time I again did read Mother Morgz great and lovley post about them doing everything the best and most professional way it can be done.
Read it again too and then tell me what other conclusion there may be … but imo only 2 possibilities:

!. They do it by purpose, they hate mankind (I do not wonder about that, many ppl do and I perfectly understand why)
2. They are real amateurs, absolute unprofessional in nearly every matter and they are highly learning resistant.

2 cant be, Mother Morgz does not lie … and they ban ppl that say 2 is a fact.
I know it for sure …

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I can think of other possibilites:

  • Devs are human, and therefore they make mistakes as the rest of us.
  • They have already mentioned they are a small group, so the lack of resources and too strict deadlines may limit their ability to adequately avoid bugs and mistakes.
  • They probably need to keep a careful balance between the demands from the top to get more money and player satisfaction. Personally blaming the devs for the game being too oriented to make money seems a bit too bold for me.

I am not saying that the mistakes, bugs, issues, limitations to progress, too big of a focus on making money… Are nice, because they aren’t. There may be explanations for why they happen, but that doesn’t make it better for us suffering it and we are right on expressing our dissatisfaction when things aren’t feeling nice. What I am completely against is your crusade against the devs, not only professionally but now also personally too.

The moment you wrote this you lost all credibility in my eyes. I am sad because I have always liked discussing things with you. But seeing how you are so ready to personally attack and hurt people you don’t even know, I guess it is time for me to accept it. You stopped giving adequate feedback and criticism in this forum a while ago, now what you only do is vent your anger and insult devs. It’s a real pity.


If it is a mistake, will those of us that already have it get compensation? (For having no life :thinking::laughing:)

Maybe a Spell glyph or Xione crystal per 100 kills?! That should do it.


I believe there should be 2 types of compensation:

  • Make sure every player that has reached at least the 2nd goal (or even better the 1st goal) gets the ring.
  • Give some compensation to those players that have been able to reach all the goals. You cannot ask players to trust this issue being a mistake and getting a fix, so it is understandable that they have decided to go all in into getting the ring, even though it demands an insane amount of time. I really believe these players should get some compensation too as a form of “sorry that our mistake has made you do something so unreasonable” apology.

Hmmm my comment was tongue-in-cheek regarding compensation, but maybe it wasn’t such a cheeky request after all lol!


I believe it is a reasonable request (having some compensation, not the 1 glyph per 100 kills :rofl: ). I am not really sure on that being heeded, but I believe it would be a great way of calming players and restoring their trust. Mistakes, bugs and issues appear quite often and even if they are fixed later, we suffer in the meantime. If we know the devs will make up for that bad time we will have a more relaxed approach to encountering them. Otherwise, the frustration will pile up as we suffer them once and again and will make players more prone to end up quitting the game.

This is my opinion, which may be or not shared by the devs, but when mistakes, issues and bugs are so frequent I find it essential to not only fix them as fast as possible, but also to apologise for the inconveniences through some kind of compensation. It helps keeping the players happy and shows the devs care for us.


Smile, yes, I did stop giving adequate feedback … you are totally right, cause giving constructive feedback to this Dev is just … wasted time, it even is not noticed by the ppl that should notice it.
You like to waste your time obviously Higure, but I do not.
I dont have enough to waste it, sorry.
But … I am really astonished that even you meanwhile cant tell the diffrence between a serious post and an ironical and cynical one.
Maybe you should carfully reread what I did write, before you totally discredit me.
But ok, if you cant see my reasons and why I react this way, its ok too.
You have your reasons too, as everybody … and not all are for the better of everybody.
Thats like humans are …

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I am afraid that in my opinion harsh words are unacceptable no matter if they are serious or ironic. I liked much more when your posts were more restrained, sarcastic and critical indeed but without attacking devs so much. Those posts where a nice way of keeping the devs in their toes reminding them that we don’t forget and that we expect the very best from them. It may be that as you say I can’t see your reasons, but the truth is that I can’t truly see your newest post contributing anything positive to the community (and you know how hard I try to see positive things everywhere), nor can I understand what are you trying to achieve with them.


I did not attack them more then I always did, nor did I attac someone personally.
Just said a bit more direct again, what I did say very often already.
Only diffrence is, I meanwhile lost hope that it will ever change.
So I see now, I also waste my time.
Not only you, thx for the eyeopener.


So ive just spent all my time running ultimate coin collector as for me i want the anciant coins and extra 20 gems each run more than i want the ring, as a bonus im now only 500 kills away from getting the ring, ive done no special farming for the ring, im just thankful coin collector was running


There is a big difference between speaking frankly and directly and insulting people. I can even agree that there may have been some lack of care in certain situations, but everyone can make mistakes and everyone would certainly prefer to have positive feedback than complaints.

Furthermore, we don’t know the whole situation. One of the things I’ve appreciated about this game is the civility of its community. I hope it continues.
The way this has been commented on seems exaggerated. If there was an error, it will be corrected. If the intention was really to create such a difficult objective, what is the problem? No one is forced to do so and if you present your reasons you can positively influence future events.


This is the difficulty/danger with written forms of communication… It is generally difficult to distinguish between irony, sarcasm, and seriousness. I find it’s therefore better to err on the side of “less is more”, unless you really want to take the risk.


Hey everyone!

Thank you for sharing your feedback everyone. I do not think we expected the final to be so difficult, but from your examples can totally see how this is a BEAST of a goal to achieve over a weekend.
I raised this with the team this morning and they are currently in the process of halving the final goal! This should be pushed to live by within the next <8 hours (if there is no issues)

Once that has been updated, if you have already met the requirements, it will unlock after the next battle.

So it will initially display as completed and uncollectible, but then after you defeat another enemy and return to the Goal you can collect it.