Lucky Ring or not so lucky

I hope that we are compensated @Jeto. Those who acheived 1000. A second ring would be nice or anything… just because the effort. I know a few in my kingdom including myself that made it happen.

Fingers crossed you guys do something for us.


@Jeto I still don’t believe this is good enough. The amount of people that have given up over the weekend because it is stupidly unhealthy to do it and turning a fun game in to a ridiculous grind just wasn’t inspiring enough to do it! I am one that gave up - after hitting first one of 150. and then saw the next was 300 - and then heard the fact that the next was a 1000! - I’m afraid i can tell you now the game will be deleted by me - and never to be played again if this is the end result- DONT RUSH the decision to appease a few! Give people a chance to play for the ring over a few more days if you decide to half it!


I gave up as well. I wasn’t giving up the great weather to sit and try to grind out 1000 kills. So now lowering it to 500 means nothing to me. I think there is what, one day left? Work tomorrow so its basically done for me tonight.


@KenpoKid69 , im sure having the coin collector event on during the ring event is just a happy coincidence lol…


@Jeto , still far too high for most players.


@Trapped , @Jeto

Exactly this, i gave up on it from the get go as i did the calculations and would never have reached the end goal.

Either compensate everyone or at least extend the event for the rest of the week.

The devs incompetence chased many players away from the event in the first place.

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@Jeto @Devs-I spent all weekend trying to calm your players down, defending you and assuring them this was just a clerical error and you’d take care of it as soon as you returned. Now I find out it’s intentional, and you have no intention of making this ring accessible to the newer players who have been looking forward to it. New players are the life blood of any game and you just kicked sand in their faces, I don’t understand what you hope to achieve here. I love this game but I’m so angry I closed it, at reset no less, I can’t even consider playing right now. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one who has done so. Please reconsider how your actions affect your players before you don’t have any players to develop a game for.


So, I had a pretty busy weekend but managed to get 1K kills before the reset so it’d be sweet to have an extra something for the extra efforts, the relics to upgrade the ring seem cool to me, but also the ability for every players to get the ring.

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Hey everyone!

Small update:

  • We are adding another day to the event
  • The reduced requirement should be going live shortly
  • There will be some global compensation out within the next day or so
  • We will be adding the Lucky Clover ring to our next holiday event for Spring - but I am awaiting more information on this one.


Doesnt seem fair enough. Most people have lives and the end goal should be cut way down, im on 60/300 as i gave up as soon as i was aware of the outrageous end task, i lost basically two days due to being put off the event by the devs incompetence., so i get 1 day back to try farm alnost 800?

Ive notified my kingdom that unless we are all compensated with the ring, or the event is extended for the rest of the week which is only fair (not 1 stupid day of which is a working day for many) or any other solution be incorporated such as being able to use tickets to get the kills to help all the players who are either struggling or had given up on the impossible task to start with:; and i dont get the ring, im deleting the game.

Ive quite literally had enough of 505’s constant issues when releasing anything both in PQ3 and GoW, and their lack of decent and fair compensation for everyone when they mess up, ive had it, ive literally put in thousands of my real cash into these games and its always issue after issue and no actual compensation.

These devs dont deserve my time or money.


Thanks for the update, Jeto! I hope they add this again at another spring event.

In the meantime, could you half the requirement (so, 500 enemies) AND extend it for a full week?

That will allow folks who do most of their playing in the weekends to do this next weekend (since many of us stopped once we realized that part 3 was 1,000 enemies — honestly, even 500 is quite high in this amount of time).


I’m going to chime in with Puzzler here. I’m a pretty active player, I think, but there was absolutely no way I could do this even with the adjustment (and it’s deeply questionable whether one extra day is going to make a difference, since I’ve not finished the 300 goal).

I’ve got work, I’ve got a family, and I can’t really tell either ‘sorry, you’re just not going to see me for the next 72 hours while I play this game’. I’m very frustrated as I’d been looking forward to this, but my best efforts are nowhere near good enough, not because of gear or level but because of the time commitment (over a weekend, no less). A week’s extension and I should be able to. Three days’ extension and I might be able to. One extra day and I really doubt it. I’ll try because I have been wanting the ring for a long time, but … well, I have my doubts.



Thanks for bringing this to the dev’s attention.

As you’ve probably gathered, the (unintentionally) absurd requirements for the ring generated a lot of bad feeling in the customer base (a lot more than is reflected here, to judge by in-game chat)… and it didn’t help that it happened over the weekend so that it’s only now getting addressed. A case of bad timing.

Three suggestions:

First, I recommend that you add TWO days to the event’s duration.

I think a lot of people got angry and frustrated and gave up within the first 24 hours. … Adding 48 hours will basically “make up” for that.

Second, even with halving the 3rd tier requirements, that’s 950 kills … that’s still far beyond the means of newer players and/or those who have a busy real life and can only play the game casually here and there. … And, I believe, those more casual players are the ones you want to entice with these events. Anyone who’s willing to grind that much is already a die-hard player.

Would it be possible to reduce the third tier requirements further, say to 150? That gives a total of 150+300+150 = 600 … Still more demanding than comparable events in the past, but more reasonably within the grasp of the average player. Even that is a bit much. Maybe 150+150+150 would be better, if that’s doable coding-wise.

After all, it’s just a bunch of bits and bytes … and making it possible for more players will do a lot to soothe the many ruffled feathers this has generated.

And - third - you do have a fair number of players who’ve attempted the herculean feat of those full 1450 kills; some gotten over 1000. They might feel justly deprived if much of their work becomes superfluous.

I’m not sure how the coding works, but could a fourth tier be added to the event - say bringing the cumulative total to 1000 - with a nice reward for those who make it that far? Two accessory glyphs would be appropriate, as that would, in effect, allow them to level up their new ring!

I think those three things would do a lot to (a) let people “recover” from the miscalculation and (b) offer rewards to recognize and assuage both the ‘casual’ and the ‘hard core’ players.

Thanks for your consideration.


Well this is another fine mess. No matter how you try to solve this, you will not make everyone satisfied. This will not end well.

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Hours upon hours of mindless drudgery. I cannot believe the absolute lack of intelligent thought emanating from the Devs.

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Using my previous data, a level 50 character would have to play at least 5.5 to 8 hours of nonstop easy dungeons to beat 950 enemies and get the Lucky Clover ring. That is definitely crazy, especially over 3 days.


All those battles required keys, food, gold, time, and a lost weekend. How will you compensate that?


@Jeto My friend nine of every ten players here are saying the same thing - we DONT have enough time - You’re asking for kids and parents to sit in front of a tv for a stupid amount of time to complete a mission - Remember it’s a game to be enjoyed - I can see you’re the middle guy trying your best but if you even suggested the numbers should of been 15 - 30 - and then 100 it would of still taken a lot of time! - everyone that is commenting are loyal players who want the right thing done - extended to a length (DO THE MATHS) that is reasonable- again your asking level 50 and above to do mindless level 1 dungeons for 10s of hours - Yes compensate the people who have now got game PTSD completing mindless hours of one thing - (who are the one in ten) But take your time in making the right decision and think about the serious impact here


Well, there it goes my credibility within this community down the drain… Sure, something has been done as a I said, but it seems more of a joke that a real solution. I have tried my best to defend you and calm the community… For this? I guess I trusted you too much…

What did I said with the spell rework about running quick simulations? You only need 1 minute to realise how much time you are asking players to spend on this. Once again you are repeating the same mistakes. Or even worse, @TRJoker may be right and you are just playing with us knowing perfectly well what you are doing, pushing us as hard as you can and then taking actions only when you see that have pushed too far.

So 1450 kills in 4 days is a “BEAST” but 950 kills in 5 days is completely fair and reasonable? Really? Well, it is your game and your decisions, but if you think so I am not looking forward future events then.

I want to apologyze to everyone that trusted my words and decided not to chase the goals too hard waiting for the devs to make them reasonable. It was clearly my mistake, I will learn for next time it happens. I am truly sorry.

I also want to apologyze to @TRJoker . I still believe that your ideas should be conveyed with less harsh words, but it seems you were right and I was just living in a pink world.

Finally, to the dev team I will just say this: your actions speak louder than your words. We have listened and understood the message.


Is this the wrong time to ask for the “Leave Autoplay Engaged” feature?