Mercenary Building

Hi all.

How are you all building the mercenary class? I am currently mono-red mana:
Burning Hands
Channel Fire
Mineral Strike
Searing Strike

But completely lost as to what weapon/armor I should go for…or if I should commit to a different mana color even. I have considered green so I could more easily swap between Shaman and Merc. Hard for me to plan too far when I don’t think I even know all the spells possible for mercenary.

So, how is your build looking?

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Seeing as how the Merc doesn’t seem to be better at any one thing than another class at this point except farming gold, I just decked him/her out with highest gear to get story. It will be a nice addition to more passive players who don’t cap gold every day since mid level dungeon runs will likely give a ton of gold with ultimate+spells

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I personally think mercenary is built for crit due to crit stacking of finding weakness ( finding weakness is ridiculous cheap at only 80 mana) and the merc stacking greed. Thus the warlord full 6 piece set compliments it greatly. 100 percent crit rate with 1000% crit damage is doable. Currently running 2 green and 2 red, physical crit build focusing on crit and skull generation.