[MORE INFO] Bug: Co-Op Instability/Crashes in 0.34

Platform, device and operation system
Android 11, Samsung Note 20 Ultra

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened

Expected: To play a Co-Op match with more than two players.

Actual: Game glitches out with three players (but recoverable, see below), four players causes a “not-a-CLIFFY” error and the match crashes.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always since 0.34 was implemented when three or more players attempt to party for a Co-Op match.

Steps to make it happen again

As pictured with an intended party of 4,

The issue is visible in the party UI in the upper left portion of the screen, where the fourth party member fails to load into the match.

When there is a party of three, the hard crash error message does not generate, but the same error persists and carries through the match.

In these instances, Players 1, 2, and 3 enter the match. The match starts normally. However, for Players 1 and 2, Player 3’s UI does not load in the upper left portion of the screen. As Players 1 and 2 finish their first match in the skirmish, they will freeze up. These players can recover by performing a “double force quit” (force quit, then force quit again on the splash screen where the game locks up again), and recovering into the match on their third reload attempt. When Players 1 and 2 reload into the match, they find that the match has carried on while they have been booted out of the game, as Player 3 has not been impacted by the crashes (and is holding open the match instance). At that point, the match can be completed, as normal.

Interestingly, as long as the party configuration does not change, the issue does NOT occur in future Co-Op runs. However, as soon as the 3rd player changes to a new player, the issue re-manifests itself and resolves in the same way mentioned in the previous paragraph. Parties of 4 always results in a server error.

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Could I get some more people weighing in on this? Before moving crashes and issues of this nature to into our backlog it’s important to have more accounts where possible.

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A similar issue happens to me and my wife when we play coop with others. If just the two of us play, usually don’t have issues. But when 3 or more team up, various crashes, freezes, and glitches occurr. The last time this happened was Friday the 16th.

Unsure if this issue was fixed or not previously, or is waiting on a client update, but the issue is still occurring.

When I’ve tried playing in co op grants I’ve had the game crash with the same collateral server error. I gave up trying.

I’ve let the team know this is a priority issue.

Okay, I have some follow up questions from the team.

  • What loadout were you using, and what were your party members using. (Info on rarity would also help, and we want to look at the passives active.)
  • could you let us know as much as you remember that happened leading up to the error

This happened before as well. Loadout was irrelevant. It was reported by L1ndros88. 2 people is stable, 3 iffy, 4 crashes. Sometimes it will allow a restart and collection of the final reward, sometimes the orange screen of death; on the same loadout. The whole issue was not modified by character played. Admittedly, I only have 2 at level 50. It happened on either. On skirmish as well as on a dungeon run.

That’s an impossible question to answer, Salty. The game does not provide any information on what the loadouts of the other party members currently. Further, as there is no way to mark parties as private, it is currently not possible to control what the loadouts of the players in pick-up-groups contain.

Mostly, I think. There are two issues here that can come to play. The one we are reporting in this thread, and the one Salty is referring to with her follow-up questions.

  • If the crashes occur late in a skirmish, then the error is likely a result of a bad equipment interaction. When Lyranica and myself Co-Op, crashes never occur, so if this issue is the case, then the bad equipment interaction must becoming from pick-up players #3 and #4. But, there is currently no way of knowing what gear those players are equipping in-game… :pensive:

  • If the crash happens after the first fight in the skirmish, the telltale signs of the crash coming are clear as night and day, as described in the OP. The issue is very easily identifiable to a player, as at least one of the party’s Health/Armor/Resistance UI circles fails to load in the upper left side of the screen at the start of the skirmish.

To that extent, I am suspicious that what is occurring is that when the skirmish loads, at least one connection between two players (since the party UIs are updated in real time) fails to be established in time before the start of the match upon initial loading (a timeout issue?) and the game proceeds with the skirmish regardless of the failed connection attempt.

Sometimes, the missing UI portrait shows up after a 2-3 second delay before the first match starts and then the skirmish runs without issues. If anyone’s portrait fails to load for a player, that player will freeze (spinning loading circle of death) because the real-time connection between those players was not established.

Perhaps the issue can be resolved by forcing the game to validate that real-time connections between players were successfully established?

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