[More info needed] "Vengeance servers" are not around

This keeps popping up on my Android devices whenever I try to do a follower side quest. It do NOT happen on Steam, and my Steam driven PC is on the same network as my Android devices, so I’m confident this isn’t on my end.

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Hey, can you please try the connection issue and android troubleshooting just in case so we can rule it out?

Also if the troubleshooting doesn’t stop the error appearing can you please tell me your Namecode (found in the bottom of the settings menu) and where/when this error message pops up? (ie. is it always on the same screen or after performing the same action?)

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I commonly get this error message as well when grinding story chapters for xp. It doesn’t crash the game. Just have to hit retry, and it goes away. Happens during the storyline cutscenes

Is that on Android too?

I’ve let the team know. I could’ve sworn we removed reference to the “Vengeance servers” and that it would just throw a generic “server/connection issue” error message when something went awry in the connection.

The “Vengeance” server message is what’s thrown me this time, so I’m curious if it IS just a generic connection issue and we’ve forgotten to update the error text or if something specific is triggering this one (either way the text should be updated haha

@AmazonJax by the way, I know you said the game works fine on your PC on the same network but it can still be caused by a connection issue, it could be device specific or something else not to do with your device at all. Just wanted to let you know I understand but why I need the troubleshooting ruled out anyway :sweat_smile:

EDIT: Which language are you playing on Jax? It looks like you had a text asset fail to download which is probably a consequence of a pretty generic connection issue. WORST case scenario, if the error keeps popping up, I would recommend reinstalling to see if that fixes it. I know reinstalling is annoying

Yeah Android as well. And specifically Vengeance servers.

Did you notice any issues with the text when you were playing Story @1000Faces ? and what language do you play in?

It could be the result of a generic connection error, BUT just to be on the safe side I’m curious if it’s the same assets failing for both of you. It might not actually be the story text at all but I figure you folks would notice if it was so that’s the easiest way to find out about that.

No issues with text. English. I commonly quickly tap skip scene (sorry!) so, not sure if it may be tied to that

Shouuuuldn’t be related …

I will seek out the “connection issue” and “android troubleshooting” links next time it happens. For me in only occurred when I did follower quest lines. I completed them on a pc. Once I end the current chapter I’ll see if it reoccurs.

Thank you for the response!