[NEED MORE INFO] BUG channel light spell glitches ultimate bar

Using channel light spell makes the ultimate bar add 15 false mana and then takes it away for example I could have 16 mana and then use channel light and it will bump it falsely to say 29. Then after matching more gems it reverts itself back to 16 despite gathering a ton of mana it’s weird and easily replicated.

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Could we please have the bug report template filled out, and some screenshots?

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Not sure if it’s the actual channel light spell but it seems to effect the bug, could get a heroic effort first turn and have 0 ultimate buildup and then pop chanel light and it jumps to 19. Then after gaining more gems it drops again and kinda just goes up and down pretty easy to replicate

Are you using Runic Ring? Haven’t checked it this patch yet, but pretty sure it is still glitched. It requires casting a spell before it shows the correct special amount. It also makes it impossible to click the ultimate meter sometimes.

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I’ve experienced this on and off for a while. Will try to replicate and provide screens later today. I was using other spells though than Channel Light

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@Salty, @Cyrup Please refer to my reply on the Runic Ring Bug post.
I have a video for it.
I just realized that you haven’t replied or changed the status of this bug report.
Maybe it’s missed.

that was very strange

Hmmm thanks for shedding light on the runic ring issue seems it could be what’s going on as I have 2 runic rings in also I notice The delay when matching big gems I get nothing and then I channel light and it bumps it up but it drops as well it’s a weird one for sure.