New UI Changes Feel Less Accessible

The UI change, especially on mobile, is incredibly difficult to make sense of and utilize compared to the previous UI. I understand as a free to play game that you needed to move the Store to a more prominent position, that’s fine but the other changes to the UI have now placed a usability wall between the user and the game. Where before it was relatively simple to work out how to go about mass salvaging items and gear, that is no longer apparent and in some cases, seemingly not possible. Additionally, stuffing the “Story” into the Battles tab, while still having a Story tab, seems like a redundancy that isn’t needed.

One of the first five rules I was told while working in games was to play the game. It was an important way to discern if there were issues introduced that could be avoided. I don’t see how anyone at your studio could have played the previous UI and then the new UI and thought it was an actual improvement. Leave the store in the front, that’s fine - as a free to play game, it even makes sense - just revert the other changes so that the user experience is enjoyable enough to get us to come back. Right now the UI makes the user experience a turn off.


Thats not the additional “Story tab”, thats a Favourite tab and you have Story marked as favourite by default. You can go to battle tab, click the heart on season archive for example and have a quick access to it from the main page.


I play the game on a gaming PC with a 27 inch monitor, the changes to the UI are so uncomfortable from both graphics and user-friendly logics that I pretty much quit playing. I can’t even imagine being able to play this game on mobile now, it must be anything but fun.

So. I’m sitting on the sidelines if and until they roll back the changes, but I honestly don’t think it’s going to happen. They might tweak it, but I don’t foreseee them doing thesubstantial changes or rollback that the UI now needs to make it :

A: User friendly
B. a game I would want to continue to play, considering I opt for the paid VIP pass