[Not a bug] Current Season Battle Looting is Below Minimum

There seems to be a bug in current season looting for dungeons.
Here is is an example before looting showing the minimum is 6 crabloons:

And the results of this dungeon looting showing 5 crabloons which is below the minimum.

This happens frequently when looting a dungeon in the current season (and previous current seasons). It does not seem to happen when looting a skirmish in the current season and it does not happen when looting an older season in either skirmish or dungeon.

I believe this is a bug. Not sure if it has been reported before, my search of the forum did not surface it.

Are others seeing this?

According to the screenshot, your Dungeon looting level is hard (bottom right corner of the loot button), so you would get 3-5 crabloons. To get level X loot you must complete a dungeon battle at that level first.

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Thanks. I had beaten all the other dungeons at X and thought it carried over. Should have paid more attention.