[Not a bug] Promo images on Steam

First bug for the steam version and it’s not even out for a month!

Yay PQ3 now up on the Steam store page - Puzzle Quest 3 on Steam

The Firewalker’s Spear is an impossible item - cannot be both L32 and Rare.
Either it is Rare and max L25, or it is L32 and must be Epic or greater. Somebody playing with their dev tools to make illegal weapons.

I’m going to assume the 1x in the top right corner is a toggle to speed up the animations. As much I would love to see this as an actual feature in the game we have to play, right now it seems only a developer build option. Probably shouldn’t be in the promo images.

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Same goes for the blue Dwarven Hammer that is magically “Mythic” at level 35

Coming soon - Day 1 DLC - buy the Mythic Foundation Super Supporters Pack, now with bonus common minion.

True - without dev tools to make it, never going to drop as an item to level, so only obtainable through upgrading existing gear, so cannot be L35 Mythic.

Or is there an old quote somewhere about “possible with a low chance” :wink:

Also, the ability on the hammer (60% stun) is the mythic level ability but the attributes (Strong, etc,) are +5 which is Legendary level. Power is not correct at that level as well. In other words, that is one fake ass weapon.

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These screenshots were taken from v1 on a developer’s account.

We’ve let the team know that the screenshots contain impossible Weapon level/rarity/attribute combos.

These aren’t bugs in the game but rather were Weapons generated by Dev tools to assist with QA.