Overkill is not working right

@jeto @kafka Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots or anything because I didn’t know I was going to have a problem until it was over. Here are all the specifics I have seen so far though.

We had a lvl 16 purple dragon with spirit shield activated on it. First turn I did like 7.8 mil. Another of my heavy hitters went and did an insane amount to it.

On my second turn it only had like 850 K hit points left before it was going to get to the point that it was considered killed. On my second turn as soon as I reached that amount it died ending my turn which was not cool because I wanted to utilize overkill mode and take my full potential but it died ending my turn.

On my third turn I did about the same amount somewhere around 850 K damage again and it died a second time ending my turn. I was not able to utilize overkill because it dies and ends the turn.

Not sure what’s going on but this isn’t the overkill I signed up for. There is a problem with it.

@jeto responded in another thread about this. Any dragons that were generated (e.g. the countdown to them appearing started) on the previous version, aren’t set up for overkill.
In theory the next dragon should have overkill working.

That doesn’t apply to this situation though this one did have overkill because it started today and its health bar was at 0 to start, counting up like it should have been doing in an overkill mode.

on my second turn when it got to the point it would have reached its death hit point total it died ending my turn.

on my third turn it let me go again and it did the same thing after taking a similar amount of damage to the second turn, it died a second time ending my turn short again.

That’s not good. Ours is due in about 3 hours so we’ll have to see how it goes for us.

after looking at the gold rewards point total we are thinking it has something to do with that because for our dragon level the “gold” score is 827,833 damage and that was suspiciously close to the point that it died twice on me… :thinking:

so does that mean that after it takes enough damage to die the first time that it then dies every time it gets to the gold point score ending the players turn each time?

When you first start a Kingdom Defence, the Dragon health is it’s total amount. Once it has been defeated, the whole health bar is no longer displayed and it’s health is around the amount of the Gold rewards. But these follow-up battles are all overkill, you are doing extra damage as the Dragon has been defeated and count towards your Silver/Gold reward progress.

It’s shown as a decreased health bar also gives the feeling of progress, your Kingdom has defeated this Dragon! But the fight doesn’t end there, it’s weakened.

but it is dying ending our turns??? how are we supposed to test our builds if we get stopped every time we get to gold level again? That’s not really overkill that’s something else honestly.

If this is the way it is designed to be that’s not really what I thought it was going to be or hoping for because now all we have ended up with is the big hitters still have to limit themselves because if they do too much damage then nobody else will get to let their builds loose, they will end turn every time they get to gold and that is no fun at all.

Why couldn’t it just have been designed like a true overkill mode and let players do their maximum damage per turn and when the battle is over the dragons health bar gets a health check and if it took enough damage to technically be killed then the kingdom gets the rewards and everyone is happy because everyone got to do their best without being limited?

We can’t have it have an infinite health bar, having a battle that could potentially run for too long has a number of it’s own issues. Most notably, it will timeout after a battle has gone on for too long.

As for a larger health bar generally, there has to be a limit at some point, having the overkill health generally around Gold reward total means each battle you have a chance to get to Gold rewards in one or as many battles as you have left. Designed with max personal goals in mind.

Thinking of the battle itself as a Kingdom/team effort and then Overkill being a personal battle to finish dealing enough damage to earn Gold rewards.

It is overkill, you have defeated the full health of the Dragon (it’s been “killed”) and now you are able to complete extra battles and deal additional damage.

I can definitely pass on the feedback to increase the amount of health available in overkill mode.

wow that’s actually depressing because this whole time we have been so excited thinking we were finally going to get the ability to let our builds loose and see their full potential, but instead of being limited by one thing we are now still limited by another.

Very disappointing. Please pass on that we wish this was different. I can guarantee that there are going to be alot of kingdoms and heavy hitters that feel this way. :frowning:

Agree with the above. We need to be able to see how much damage can be done to test our builds. Why can’t the dragon start with zero each turn and let us attack until we are killed. it does not have to accumulate up over rounds. We can add 3 numbers together for 3 hits to understand how much total damage we would have done with our builds.

On the point of not letting battles go on forever, there could still be a timeout, as that would be exactly what would happen before the dragon was killed, so is an important metric to test.

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putting my 2 cent, why can’t the overkill be the same as normal dragon health instead of gold reward point. It would be just as easy to implement and it will not be infinite health. Hell if anyone can 1 shot full dragon health doesn’t need to test their build any further.

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Rather than using Kingdom Defense to test builds, we’ve asked the team to consider adding a training dummy in game so you can see how much damage you’re doing :slight_smile:

We will let you know if this becomes a thing - it was just an idea discussed between CX and the Producer so no promises at this stage but we think it would be really cool!


that would be amazing thank you so much!

That would be awesome. That way we don’t have to risk having a bad turn to test out new builds.