Playstation Account not transferable

Hello! I have played Puzzle Quest on my PSP many years ago and was a great fan. After that I have not followed the game anymore. Now I saw the third title in the PS-Store a few days ago.

After downloading I got addicted to it again and played many chapters in the story. Now I want to transfer the account/char to my tablet/phone because I will not stay on the Playstation for this game.

Followed all instructions on your website but it seems that the option for account transfer doesn´t exist on PS4/PS5 yet. That is really a pitty, because I will not start a new game on my mobile.

Please inform if you have plans to activate this option sooner or later also to PS. Otherwise this will be a gamestopper for me.

Best regards, Christar

Currently due to publishing agreements, cross play is not available between mobile/Steam and Sony consoles.

Should this become an option to us in the future, we would definitely look into it. But we do not have any further information on this, at this stage.

But so exciting to see more players return to the series who were fans of the original!

Thank you very much for your fast response even that it was not fully what I wanted to read. :wink:

As I already wrote, for me - and I also think for many others incl. a lot of friends - it is unfortunately no option to play a “daily” game on the playstation. My OLED TV will also agree to this. :slight_smile:

On the other hand I am not willing to create a new account and starting all over again. Furthermore without cross-play the PS version will be dead anyway in the long term.