[PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT] Game doesnt respond after restart even after trying it on emulator

Platform, device and operation system
Redmi S2, Android 9

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
restarted game due to crash, after opening game it just displays blank and cant press anything. tried installing game on an emulator, same thing happened

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
happened thrice now, twice on phone, once on emulator

Steps to make it happen again
restarted game, and game is unplayable, no other steps taken

UPDATE: after waiting for some time while on the emulator, an error that says “Bad Handshake” appeared and prompted me to restart. I restarted the game and it still doesnt respond.

UPDATE 2: reinstalled game, tried to open game, still the same error. restarted game again, created new account and was able to play that account until after the training mission. i tried to login with the old account, but instead I lost all my earlier progress.

Hello Firemeow, are you playing in a supported region? (The game will experience degraded performance on an emulator, just be aware.)

Hi Salty, I was not aware there were supported regions. I am playing in SEA. would it be possible to at least restore my progress?

What country specifically?

I am playing from the Philippines.

Okay, we do support the Phillipines. If you contact our support we should be able to restore your progress.

We don’t recommend playing between your mobile device and the emulator for the meantime.