Prediction: 3.1 gear is 1.5 variants

Just making a guess, but I reckon that the new gear from season 3.1 is going to be variant pieces from 1.5. Anyone else want a stakes-free bet? Click yes if you agree…

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I seriously doubt its another variant because we’ve already seen the mythic relic for the new set which is completely brand new. A dinosaur or dragon egg with a glowing blue symbol on it. From this alone, I think its safe to assume that we’re getting something brand new or otherwise it would be using the same mythic relic of a previous set like Fae touch (dreamhold) did.

That’s been there since 3.0 launched, they even said in the launch notes there’d be a new relic, before changing their mind and making it Dreamhold relics instead. It’s even called A Broken Dream, the name of 3.0.

Someone even pointed it out to @Jeto, who said it shouldn’t be there.


I did mention that that relic was never intended to be used for 3.0 and it being in the Inventory was a bug.
Also, there is a lot of stuff we have asset-wise that is just made in advance in preparation, beyond 1 update away.

We will be releasing the patch notes once the final details are added in though.



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I don’t mind, the sandswept power is pretty good, and yellow really needs it. The new yellow blind/damage spell should really help the yellow sets too.

The “BOOM” was more me bragging about my prediction being right.

I hope we get a Fallen Order variant set for season 3.2.