PvP can give players not in tournaments 500-1000 extra gems per week

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
When competing in a restricted or elite pvp tournament, but then not competing in it the next week, the weekly reset will give the player gems based on how they scored in the previous PvP week even if they didn’t touch the current PvP week as long as they entered it.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every week since the start of early access.

Steps to make it happen again
1: Score 25,000 in restricted and/or elite tournament.
2: Sign up for the restricted and/or elite tournament the following week.
3: If 0 battles are done, it uses the previous completed week’s score for rewards, earning 500-1000 gems every week until the glitch is fixed or until the player partakes in the tournament again.

This isn’t efficient to do since this doesn’t give any honor nor trophies, but it allows people to claim the restricted and elite tournament gems every week even if they don’t have the gear requirement.

I’m not sure this is correct.

The player has zero score for the week, which shows on the PvP Tourney selection screen. It just so happens that a zero score (which is not shown on the tourney’s internal leaderboard) is currently sufficient to place on the leaderboard because there are fewer than 100 registrants in each tournament.

Alternatively, there could be fewer than 100 unique scores in that tournament, and there is a massive tie for last place at zero score, yielding the leaderboard placement. For example, there are 25 unique scores in the currently ending Restricted tournament, so a zero-score registrant is probably tied for 26th place currently.

Technically, this is a loophole in the leaderboard system. Probably an non-issue though once enough people gain access to the Restricted and Elite tournaments.

From what I have seen, this method consistently makes 1st place every single week regardless of participation.

Even when leaderboard scores are things like 25k, 22k, 20k, etc. the 0 battle non participating 25k from the previous week still yields 500 gems.

It is giving around 50-1000 unintended gems to most players per week until it is fixed.

To put that into perspective, when guilds lost 1,000s of gems in value from the guild screen not working for a week, the guilds only got 120 gems of compensation. Currently they are giving out as much as 1,000 gems per week to people not partaking in tournaments. Seems like slightly an issue.

I can see the scenario described by @Tacet happening in the Elite Tourney (someone participating and scoring and then not participating at all the entire next week due to the weapon restriction) but that seems highly unlikely at the Restricted level. It’s pretty easy to manage gear to qualify. I assume this is happening to someone else as I assume you have not missed the opportunity to participate in Restricted play each week. If they are realizing this benefit every week, can they provide screenshots to document the issue, like their mail rewards? Very few people have participated in the elite tourney and those that have are pretty active in restricted. It would be nice if they could share their experience to help document the issue as this seems like something that might be hard to repeat. I myself have participated in an elite tourney, not participated the next week but signed up to take advantage of the scenario that @Lyrian has described, and I did not get the max benefit of gems at weeks end; instead I got an award based on my placement as a tie with zero scores (100 gems specifically)