PVP tourney score 25,000

Is it even possible to have 25,000 as a score for pvp? Please check the username Vor

It is possible - and now everyone else in the tourney will get less rewards

25k scores require players to be able to defeat their opponent on the opening turn using spells only.

This is difficult to achieve, but can be obtained through a combination of things that all yield enough cumulative starting mana to cast spells without ever needing to touch the game board. These things include high rarity gear, +mana set bonuses, heavy investment in +Starting Mana citadel perk, and so on.

The goalposts were moved in 0.36 to make achieving “Turn 0” PvP wins more difficult. But, as time is passing, devoted players are catching up to the moved goalposts resulting in 25k score wins becoming more common again. Whether or not the devs long term want 25k scores to be a permanent game feature is another matter altogether.

As the most recent patch notes suggest that citadel perks may be next for a review, I can see scenarios playing out where rebalanced citadel perks either move the goalposts again on 25k scores or make them impossible to achieve through reduction of the effectiveness of the +Starting Mana perk.