QoL: Keep position in Mail list when collecting rewards

Here is a request, which is - in my mind - easy to implement and would remove some annoyance :slight_smile::

I am using the Mails to store resources I currently do not need/which are already capped. When I do need something (e.g., diamonds, defense rewards, etc.), I want to collect rewards and move on through the list. The trouble is: as soon as you press “collect”, the mail is removed from the list, the list is reloaded and the position scrolls back to the top (the first unopened mail).

It would be really good if collecting a mail would not mess up the position in my mail tab (I can always quickly move to the top by closing the mail window and reopening it). So … please consider implementing this. Thanks!


I’d like this too. Similar reasons.

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I second (well, third) this :point_up:

I want this too.(Post must be 20 characters blah blah)