QoL request: remove ore from refining process

I love the new crafting system, but the tiny ore cap makes it a lot more annoying that it needs to be.

Crafting an item from scratch would of course need ore, but needing ore to refine 2 high-end items doesn’t really fit thematically, apart from anything else.

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I don’t know if the solution is removing ore requirement completely, but it is true that I already was ore starved before the update and now it is much worse since its uses have increased and the costs for some options are incredibly high. I am always lacking ore for all the things I would like to do.


Wait a bit and there will be a possibility to buy it … so start filling your wallets …

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We already can, with honour, but that soon runs out.

If both items were made with ore in the beginning, you shouldn’t need it when merging the items.