QOL suggestion: Notes button


Given how many items, gear, spells , things to do and track there are;

I’d like to suggest a notes button and section to be made available in the UI. A space in-game where we can type down ideas, gear in whatever colour to aim for, relics needed, or really whatever we need to help us achieve goals

It needs to be made accessible from anywhere in the main UI, so when we are in our gear menus we don’t need to switch in and out of the game to write/read things in a separate notes app.

Other players please add input if you feel this is something you’d find useful :slight_smile:

This is actually a great idea. I have many scraps of paper by my computer with notes written down for this game. I already do interesting things with my build Etc only while sitting in front of the computer so I have access to the Google spreadsheets that list all the gear and spells and my Bits of Paper. I have even been guilty of writing a handwritten note and slipping it where the credit cards would go in my phone case so I can remember what not to salvage when I was looking for a particular piece of gear, or something else entirely.

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