Quest Information is Incorrect - Something must be wrong with the drop rates!

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This post was supposed to be a humorous way to bring up again for discussion a serious issue, the fact that the existing game state encourages the idea that Relics can be found in Dungeons, much like Gear, Spells, and other Resources (feel free to go back and look at the images in the original post). Functionally however, we know that is not really the case. Now there’s two ways to address the issue:

  1. Continue to point out the misleading information in the game (i.e. you will not find with any noticeable success, specific Relics of any measure by repeatedly farming a specific Dungeon) so that this information is changed to be less misleading (and again to put a finer point on it, it is BS) or,
  2. Advocate for a change that makes this supposed state closer to reality.

Throughout early access I have advocated for Option #2. This is a Free-to-Play Live Service Model game that primarily uses resource restriction and caps to moderate player advancement over energy restrictions. Once you have completed certain daily drip tasks (Events, Daily Challenges, PvP, etc.), the remaining activity is replaying Dungeons/Skirmishes (subject to change in the future of course). The primary resource restriction for doing continual skirmishes/dungeons is Keys. So in the current model, much like in other modes, there is a natural restriction to resource accrual from “farming”. Within this framework, highly prized upgrade materials can exist as possible rewards and would not disrupt the overall economy goals of the developers.

All of this is factual. How specifically it is implemented is up to the developer who hopefully takes into account not only the ideas of their team, but the ideas of players as well. That is my intent, to advocate for potentially beneficial changes in the existing game state that would better the experience of those playing the game and fix egregious misinformation that frustrates players and reduces retention.

Sadly this thread has been derailed by someone who continually tells us “Stop asking for changes, developers do what they want”. Or “Be careful what you wish for!”. Or “Even if you got this change, what difference does it make”. I don’t want to engage with this because it’s pointless. We have seen changes based on feedback. We have seen incremental improvements on pain points. Why sit there and lecture us with “Let me tell you how it’s going to be so you don’t have to waste your time discussing anything”. It’s tedious and I’m tired of it so I will do my best to ignore the behavior of people like this who honestly at the end of the day are contributing nothing to any conversation.

Back to the issue at hand: The developer currently promotes the idea that certain things can happen (i.e. finding Relics in Chests from Dungeons). The reality is players do not have a sense that this is true. This engenders frustration and bitterness about the game and discourages ongoing play. Whatever the numerical solution, there should be a way to reasonably balance it so that you get the occassional Tier III or less occassionally Tier IV Relic like you do in Daily Challenges, or from purchasing with Marks earned in Events or using Eveline’s costly ability. Not all the time but at least recognizably occurring so that there is value in running Dungeons, getting higher tier Chests, using those supposedly valuable Keys.

There are plenty of issues that of course need to be addressed. There are other elements of the game that needs fixes or refreshes. There are new game modes and activities that the developer likely has in their pipeline. Those modes may have specific economic impacts. But that doesn’t change the fact that this misinformation exists in their game right now, that could be corrected to benefit people’s experience playing the game. If it’s corrected and the correction is still deemed insufficient, we can then give feedback on that!

TL;DR Right now, there is misinformation in the game about how Relics can be acquired. I would prefer to see that misinformation corrected by adjusting drop rates of Relics so that the upper Tier Relics have a reasonable frequency similar to other modes of acquisition. Does that mean that you will end up with lots of lower tier Relics that you ultimately don’t need and won’t use? Yes, but that is going to happen anyway and that is common in a resource-model game where lower resources always become overabundant. But at least then you would be able to play Dungeons for the possible chance (a real chance) of finding those prized Relics, maybe at a rate of one a month for Tier IV, maybe only from Diamond Chests, maybe only from specific levels, but something that is recognizable as an actual chance. This would greatly improve people’s perspective of opportunity in the game, enhance the perceived value of higher Tier Chests, drive them to play more, and maybe even drive sales as people find the occasional Relic from chests which puts them a step closer to another advancement which might be completed with the next purchase. If that can’t happen though because the developer has other economic constraints in mind, then the information needs to change. Pick an option. Do something about this issue.