Relic Conversion/Upgrading Thoughts

I glossed over Eveline’s new relic Conversion/upgrading function until this last weekend. When I discovered it, I upgraded 5 things to epic.

There’s upgrading relic levels, and more importantly targetable same tier conversions.

This puts epic gear/upgrades into quite readily available and accessible territory, legendary into maybe 1-2 upgrades, which seems like good progress to me.

Generally thrilled to be able to get full epics, and use of relics that would otherwise be sitting around gathering dust. Can totally see new bottlenecks of glyphs, shards, and required Eveline crystals going forward.

Shout-out to the dev team here. With Glyphs being as scarce as they are, I would totally be down to drop a few dollars for them. Currently it costs upwards of $20(!!!) for a single glyph. I feel like I am being taken advantage of.

I understand the team wants to start high on prices (as you can always come down, but not go up). Please make some changes to the economy costs sooner rather than later.


Ascending up to Epic is rather accessible, which has been a nice perk.

Legendary is a tough hurdle to climb. Plus or minus RNG, expect 1 random Glyph from Events per month. There’s the “random” (air quotes because I’m suspicious that it’s a weighted roll away from useful relic types similar to Orbs of Chaos in GoW) Glyph on Sundays for a whopping unsustainable 1700 Gems. Eveline costs to ascend Epic relics to Legendary are too cost prohibitive over waiting for Legendary relics to slowly appear on the Daily Challenge board. Over time though, it’s achievable though.

Mythic anything? Better have very deep pockets. It’s a very, very long-term project for a single piece of anything to be upgraded unless a player is willing to spend very big bucks. Costs of crafting a single random Mythic relic? 4 Legendary Relics and 3500 Gems. That’s two Sunday Glyphs right there.

Want to craft a single needed Mythic relic?

  1. 3500 Gems (2000 Gems + 3 Eveline Crystal Purchases (at 500 per)) * 2 Eveline crafting runs = 7000 Gems.

  2. 1500 Gems (Eveline Crystal * 3) to convert the two random Mythic relics to the single desired Mythic relic.

So, that’s a total of 8500 Gems to craft a single Mythic relic of choice from Legendary relics.

Times 4 relics of choice needed for a Mythic ascension results in (8500 * 4) = 34,000 Gems.

And that’s ignoring everything else in the preparation process including the weeks of Eveline crafting time, the 14k ore needed for all of these combines, the 1 Eveline crystal per week purchase limitation, the Shop Glyph costs, etc, etc…

All in all, it’s a system that screams its technically possible to craft a single Mythic piece of anything from normal gameplay, in a similar vein that there’s a “small chance” of looting a Glyph from normal gameplay. That said, unless you’re a player that normally buys the $50 Orb of Power / Nysha medal bundles in GoW regularly, don’t expect to obtain Mythic gear in PQ3.


I’m also feeling ok with trying to upgrade common/uncommon a to try and get correctly colored gear. I do want that red firewalkers ring…

Yup, getting gear to legendary seems like a thankless task, fortunately getting a few items to epic is enough to satisfy those like me who just want to complete the story (though obviously we’re not the priority for the devs!).