Relic Drop Locations?

Much like another player did for Dungeon drops, I’m wondering if anyone is working on Relic Drop locations for the new 0.35 update. (Original post called them Crystals by mistake)

Just read the dungeons they say what the drop in the dungeon load screen b4 you enter battle

Has anyone actually seen any relic of any type drop from a dungeon chest yet?

@Heastorm just asked the same in game. I also have not seen one

Seen 0 glyphs and 0 relics after around 10 diamonds and 5 rubies.

While followers are easier to upgrade, everything else was made substantially harder to upgrade.

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Opened around 25 chests - no relics. Only 5 of them were dungeon chests though, so maybe nothing in the regular level 100 ruby chests? Also only one diamond, rest ruby

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Relics drop from the corresponding kingdom. You can see this info in the Dungeon drop info screen or by tapping the Relic in the wallet to view its description.

For example, the Broken Sword evolves items from Dungeon 1 from Uncommon to Rare.

Someone please prove to me that relics exist in the drop tables! :rofl:


I have come across none anywhere

Someone on the community Discord just got one from salvaging a pet.


1 diamond and 4 rubies from clockwork dungeon zero relics if they do exist the drop rate is a ridiculous 0.01% like the salvage option.

Now we just need someone to confirm the first bullet! :roll_eyes: Also if the drop rate is going to be so bad why have a distinct relic for each rarity evolve. Seems like the drop rate is sufficient constraint

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This is really going to be interesting, previously it was impossible to get glyphs now impossible to get relics. It seems like another way to gate upgrades. There has been such a massive increase in currency with this update it will take a few days to identify issues like this

Still waiting for one person to confirm a relic as a dungeon drop! Seems not good so far! :laughing:

@Cyrup @Salty In 24+ hours since the release of this update, I know of not a single person who has gotten a relic as a drop from a dungeon. Might wanna check those loot tables!

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I can confirm 2 dimond 14 ruby chests 7 golden 20 iron and 2 many wood to count and not a single one from any dungeon. What gives did someone forget to turn on the loot table?


Just wondering whether it’s possible that glyphs and relics will only start to drop after this “server fix” mentioned in the patch note?

Maybe they will only update the loot table after this server fix? Just presenting a possibility here.
But if that’s the case they should mention it and be transparent.
Or maybe the chance to get it from dungeon is the same as salvaging, just 0.1%.


That’s what I assumed the 0.01% applied to both drop chance and salvage at any rate both are abysmal.

With the insane amount of relics needed just to get to rare now, this would be a brutal drop rate

That is super unlikely. I think the relic system is a great improvement similar to the traitstone system in GoW. I expect it was just forgotten to place them in chests or the decision to place them hinges on observing the community or whatever. Waiting how the changes play out for a couple days before fixing it so they don’t hand us something overpowered which they didn’t adequately foresee.

If this is the actual drop rate this game would indeed become unplayable and especially the devs do not want that. The only item of value in chests quickly becomes gold as all the gear is acquired (no duplicates needed). Gold can be spent on daily store and on leveling stuff. Once that is done gold is irrelevant. So why play once that stage is achieved?

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We still cannot collect every single gears & spells currently in game (without any duplicates) because the max. inventory in game is 75 while we have 90 different gears and 85+ different spells.
So we can play this game to infinity and beyond and we still won’t be able to acquire all the gears & spells. ^^

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