[Reported] Casting a spell without meeting the requirements shows an error for all party members (and may prevent them from matching)

As I am currently frustrated to max level (pun intended), I can also write some more bug reports to the party mode:

If you use a spell, which has a failure condition, i.e., Gold Sense (it only works with at least one Big V+ gem on the board), the error message (“Cannot cast spell”) is displayed on the other player’s screens in addition to your own screen.

Screenshot: trying to activate “Gold Sense” without a Big V+ gem on the board:

Aside from being embarrassing, this has two more side-effects:

  1. The other player(s) don’t understand the message popping up on their screen
  2. The overlay can prevent other players from matching gems: This happens when the error message in the player’s language is too long to fit next to the board.

Screenshot: trying to activate “Gold Sense” again, this time with the language set to German:

As you can see, a player currently matching gems will be unable to use the top-left 4 gems reliably.

Suggested fix: Ensure that the message is only displayed for the player using the spell.

PS: I know this is a screenshot from a single player battle, I will post a screenshot from multiple party members hopefully tomorrow.


Thanks for sharing it in both languages! Grabbed this report this morning.

Jeto - Support Human :mage:

As promised, here are the screenshots of a party battle, where the other member receives the error message triggered by my own spell: