[Reported] Something wrong with hero 3D rendering

After updating to 2.2, there seems to be something wrong with the 3D rendering of the hero. It seems like the rendering does not finish loading and you get blocky jibberish. The issue can easily be reproduced by looking at your gear in adventure mode. Sometimes can be seen in viewing players on pvp:

@Tjeerdk what device/console are you playing on?

I am on Google Pixel 7 pro. Android 13

Some follow up q’s

  • Can you post a screenshot of your Settings > Display screen
  • Do you have ‘Asset-downloads’ set to Download All or As Needed?

These are same settings I had before the update. Game is set to download all

We were able to reproduce what you are experiencing when graphics were set to Low/Very Low - are yours also currently set to Very Low/Low?
If so, when changing to medium or higher graphics, do you find it still appears?

In the meantime, it looks like this was picked up elsewhere by the team! So a fix is in the works.

I always have my game set to the lowest setting. It seems when the graphics are set to Very Low, the problem occurs. If it set to low or higher, I cannot reproduce the issue.