[Reported] Thanks, merchant

Following the steps of the Savior, I found a merchant offering to sell me great deals:

From the adventure mode, first merchant heading north.

Buying the scrolls got me stuck at an empty treasure get screen, with a continue button that wouldn’t let me.


lol! :slight_smile: I see what your saying !

Why would you pay 2500 gold for 0 scrolls? :grin:

For science! (And the lolz.)


The merchant needs a small investment to start their business now… but at the end of the adventure they’ll let you purchase unlimited epic scrolls of any colour for a big gold discount :rofl:


Support your local businesses!

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Just to see what happened, and because I figured, stupidly, as out turns out, that the game couldn’t be that buggy… I bought 3 epic scrolls for 7.5k. Got a blank screen and a crashed game. No scrolls on restart. Can I get my money back please?

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Just start selling some 0 scroll packs!

Same here. This need to be fixed asap.


I’ll buy those for a high price! :crazy_face:


The same happened to me, but with one extra detail - somehow I got extra energy and I was able to do the next fight as well.

Here is a screenshot:


Confirmed on both my own and Lyranica’s account.

For whatever reason, the fight directly north of the bugged merchant does not consume an energy point and is a free battle. :person_shrugging:

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Hey everyone,

Thank you for sharing your screenshots, shared them with the team who was already on it this morning!

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


I guess this is the compensation:

EDIT: Thanks :slight_smile:


Devs took this comment literally? :thinking:

Hey, we’ve fixed the issue that caused this for anyone who hadn’t played through to this part yet.

We’re working on getting compensation for those who purchased with the bug before the weekend and will let you know once that’s sent out.


Hi @Kafka - Honestly, this is a really cool thing that the developers would fix a bug so quickly and compensate players for the in-game currency they spent. Having said that… Any chance I can be compensated for the broken Steam Exclusive Items for which I paid real-world money? :smiley: The preferred compensation would be to fix the items so they work the way they are advertised and give the set-bonus they are supposed to give. If the developers won’t do that, then I would kindly request other means of compensation. I reported the bug over half a year ago, and still this hasn’t been fixed.

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What about those who were informed of the issue before going into the event and opted to not waste gold on things they knew they wouldn’t get (at the time)?

Hey everyone,

Just letting you know that compensation has been out for those who made purchases with the bug before the weekend. It might take a little time to hit everyone’s inboxes but it has been sent.

Thank you for your patience while we got this corrected.

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Thanks, got it via mail