[Reported] Unique Minion... not so unique

Unique is a pretty clear piece of terminology.

With that in mind I am confused how I just got another Mothling despite already owning it.


So how are these intended to work? Am I supposed to only be able to have one of the unique pets? I bought the pets outright to prevent getting them from the caches.

Now when I look at season 2.0

It says they are available in the cache…

But the loot possibilities description says otherwise:

“Unique” is just a reference to those Minions being unique to the Season. Not that you can’t get them more than once or from various locations within the season, etc.

Following up on the second half, as from what I can see, all season shop minions show also in cache but do not include them in the drop pool stats for the cache

edit: I marked the thread as reported while I wait to hear back from the team.


Just initially to this, from what I can gather is that 3.0 as it only has 2 Minions we added the line “also in caches”. This has potentially retroactively changed all season shop pet text to say this now.

Whereas before 3.0 this text was not included, and there would be 2 out of the 4 minions in caches (as you can see in the drop pool list).

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The salvage process seems to think they are unique, one-of-a-kind, pets too.


Again, I think that is because they are Season specific Pets - but also as this Season is 2 instead of 4 Pets it’s likely assuming all current Season pets are shop/cache exclusives

I understand why it is doing it, but it is quite annoying when salvaging to have giant red text telling you that you are making a mistake that cannot be undone.

I suppose I am asking that the not-actually-unique minions to behave like that in the salvage process.

Yeah I gotchu, it’s on my list!


I hope your list isn’t written in paper or we will be running out of trees soon… :grin:

As always, thanks for all your help, hard work and infinite patience :slightly_smiling_face: